Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats

You know the downside of traditional thermostats: They require you to manually set your temperature every time you leave, come home, go to sleep, wake up, etc. With all that button-pushing, some people don’t bother.

Meanwhile, programmable thermostats allow you to schedule temperature settings. So, you can pre-program the system to turn down while you’re at work and asleep. If you program it correctly, these thermostats can lower your heating and cooling bills by about $180/year, according to Energy Star. That’s a quick return on your investment.

Triple E offers smart thermostats in addition to traditional and programmable models. Smart thermostats simplify programming by allowing you to set them up from a web browser or a mobile phone. In addition to being easier to configure, smart thermostats allow you to control your thermostat from your mobile device.